Get nanoscale data about your EVs with Nanometrix
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Nanometrix Technology

AI tools to identify and classify EVs

Both our Software and Services run on the unique AI and Machine Learning programs developed by our team of data scientists and developers.

Nanometrix Software

Powerful and easy-to-use software

The Nanometrix software is a fast, easy-to-use and powerful platform to extract quantitative data and images of EVs. The software currently supports data from any SMLM systems (including ONI, Abbelight, Brucker, Nikon, Zeiss etc).

Nanometrix Services

Molecular Profiling of your EVs

Nanometrix has developed unique assays to provide you with quantitative information currently out-of-reach about your EVs. You send us EV samples and we will return in-depth analysis of the EV populations in your samples at the single-molecule level.

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About us
Nanometrix, based in London, was founded in 2022 and is a pioneer in nanoscale data analysis, specializing in the profiling EVs at the nanoscale. Our expertise is demonstrated through our breakthroughs in software development in the field of EV analysis with single-molecule resolution. Trusted by industry and academic leaders, including Tiny Cargo, Abbelight and City of Hope Hospital, our technology is featured in top-tier publications and drives advancements in R&D and clinical trials in the field of extracellular vesicles and beyond.
Alexandre Kitching
CEO / Co-founder
Alexander Spark
CTO / Co-founder

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